Best 4K Camcorder Under $1000 for YouTube Videos

Today we’re going to take a look at best 4K camcorder under $1000 for YouTube videos, that is the Sony FDR-AX33 4K Camcorder. So besides having 4k video on here, this also has a really good stabilization which they call balanced optical steadyshot. Basically the lens the imager everything is all in one block it floats separately from the outside of the camera and what it does is it makes your video very stable when you’re zoomed way in holding it and held or when you’re walking and shooting it does a really good job.

So Sony’s probably has the best stabilization that I’ve seen in the industry. I’ve tried a lot of different cameras and even the electronic stabilization looks really good on Sony, doesn’t distort the picture it all keeps the shake away and then having the optical block┬áseparate like this, actually makes it look really good.


If you’re doing action photography you’re moving around a lot you don’t have a tripod, this is going to make your footage much more usable, if you don’t have it it’s going to be shaky at best and probably unusable in the worst case. So i definitely would recommend this for people doing a lot of outdoor stuff, moving things, if you’re not using a tripod a lot actually for even like kids and stuff like that it works really good too.

So the camera has really nice image quality especially with the 4k, when you reduce the size down it just looks so nice and sharp. It also uses some new codex that helped make it look really smooth and sharp as well and they’re called Sony XABC codex. I’ve been using them all the time now they use a little bit more data but they look so crisp and so good and the colors just look perfect on there. So I’m really happy with the image quality on it.


Next thing is it’s got a quality zeiss lens it goes all the way out to 26 millimeters an f-stop of maximum of 1.8. So it should be good and low light. It’s also got this option for manual lens ring on the side. I’ve got it set of exposure but you could also do zoom, focus, iris, shutter speed, AE shift and white balance all with that ring, just depending what you said in the settings it will be that one setting whenever you hit the button.

Exposure and then I have shortcuts on the home screen to a couple other things that I like to use, like to use the auto focus and brightness the stabilization on off and then a focus loan setting, so I can focus on and move the camera and have the focus not change.


Ok another cool thing that’s on this camera the older, Sony’s had a mini hot shoe on top. This one’s got a full-size hot shoe so you can stick accessories like say a microphone or video light on top just stick it on there and go. You don’t need any adapter or anything which is really nice. So just go like that and here you’ve also got your microphone and headphones out and then your USB for uploading videos.


Ok another cool thing about this camera is the battery on the back. These batteries are super common you can get extended ones for with that are non sony brand, these batteries are really nice to have these bigger extended life batteries and another cool thing is it’s got right back here, for regular charging a wall charger but it’s also got this cable here for data transfer and you can use this for charging.

So if you brought on vacation forgot your charger you could plug this into a USB charger it comes with the┬ácable so you could bring this and just plug it straight into your computer to either upload videos or charge it. It also got infrared night mode, so you can pretty much see in the dark with this, i think it has an infrared light so it can go in pitch black and see close range with this light or if it’s just dim you can see far away and infrared mode also so, nice to have that option as well. So tell me what you think in the comments down below.


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