Best Camcorders for YouTube and Video Documentation

Best Camcorders for YouTube and Documentation

Hey everyone, Today i’m gonna talk about best camcorders for YouTube and video documention. This is Canon VIXIA HF R70 a nice inexpensive high-definition camcorder and in this artcle I’ll go cover some of the specs of this camera. This is your typical camcorder style of camera so it’s designed primarily to make it easy to shoot video but you can also take pictures with its, you can see the label on the side says that it is 1080p recording, so high definition recording it supports two types of audio codecs you have your mp4 in your AVC HD.

So you can record in either of those two kinds of styles and it also post things like image stability, so it has automatic image stability which is really nice, when you’re actually looking at it and you have kind of shaky hands, this kind of eliminates a lot of that shakiness.

It has a nice LED panel, this panel is touchscreen so there’s no buttons at all, which is very nice. The panel opens up, and then can rotate 90 degrees down and up to a 180 degrees forward, so you can be recording yourself and see yourself on that screen so you can Vlogging with this, which is a very nice feature of this and if you take a look on the inside, it has a USB mini input, HDMI outputs, audio video output and also an external mic input. So this means you can plug in an external microphone and a record through the video which is really nice, you also have the slot for the SD card.

Best Camcorders for YouTube Canon VIXIA HF R700

This camcorder has no internal memory, so you do need an SD card in order to record and then you have the on and off buttons and to switch between recording mode and playback mode. When you see in the back, this is where the battery pack goes, so it does have an external battery pack that you have to slide and connect in, which does increase the bulkiness of this units. Pretty substantially, it is a quite big battery pack, but the camera itself is really really lights so it doesn’t really make it that cumbersome to carry around.

It just kind of strange to have a giant battery hanging off the back, and if you look to the other side, you have a button for your thumb to record, it has indicators for power and charging and also whether accessing memory and then up top, it has standard kind of zoom, so you can zoom in and zoom out through this and besides the wrist strap it has the charging port.

So you charge a battery through the camera and it also has the shutter so you can either have the lens cap open or lens cap closed, just through this little switch. It has a very nice mechanical feel to it, so i really like this kind of lens cap and you also don’t have to worry about losing an external lens cap or anything like that, which is pretty nice.

Canon VIXIA HF R700

And as for what else comes in the box It has charging cable, USB mini cable, HDMI cable which is pretty nice at the included one and it also has all of the documentation, there’s three separate instruction manuals here in different languages but the manuals themselves are all bare bones this is basically just telling you how to plug it in and it refers you to online documentation for the full documentation on this, so this is just how to get you started then appoint you to a PDF on the website which is actually pretty nice and then all the other kind of registration things that you would expect from a new camera


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