Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen In 2016

Hey guys, today we gonna talk about best vlogging camera with flip screen in 2016, and this is the Canon G7x Mark II. His baby brother has been the go-to vlogging camera for the past several years and this is the new released one that just came out and i want to give you guys my full review on how this thing performs as a vlogging camera for YouTube and if it’s worth your money or not.


There’s seven things about this that i think are really awesome, really great and even things that I’m like might not be so good for Vlogging, let’s talk about them here. The things that are great about it, first number one is that it has an aperture an f-stop of 1.8. If you don’t know what that means, basically it means is very good in low light situations.

When is kind of dark or you’re indoors this thing performs amazing. I used to be Vlogging  with a GoPro hero4 black so the best top-of-the-line GoPro and it was always super grainy and really hard to use inside of low lighting situation, indoors, basically this thing shines. It does amazingly well at low-light situations, thanks to that really big hole that’s in a lot of light.

Second thing is really good about this camera is that the autofocus is actually half-decent. Now it does take a second or two to kind of figure out where the face is and once this kind of figured out where the faces, it will latch on and it will focus and then it kind of track, so as I my face moves around it will follow my face and keep my face in focus and kind of blur out everything else and not focus on everything.

Third great thing about this is, that it has this flip up screen right, so now when I vloging myself, I can see myself right here in the viewfinder not become a downside of the temptation, look up to the viewfinder just to make sure you get your shoot frame correctly and then look into the lens when you actually talk and this thing is actually really help.


Another great thing about this camera is that the image quality is very sharp, is very cleared for being the size of the lens and the sensor and everything that it is. I am very impressed with the quality, the edges, that outline different objects are very clear, very sharp, very tic-tac as opposed to like on the GoPro, the lines that differentially, very blurry, very fuzzy and not a very high quality image at all (background).

Fifth great thing about this camera for vlogging is that has image stabilization built right in. So we can have like shaky hand moving around like, this can lock down a lot of that. Remove a lot of the simple handshake that comes just from holding it. There are some specific settings that I’ve learned for some other people who have this camera actually and that work best for vlogging.

Number six, battery life is actually really good on this camera as well, I shoot at 60 frames per second for one hour over an hour actually, and you still only has like half the battery. So this thing will run for awhile on one full charge. this is really great.


And the seventh thing i love about this camera has Wi-Fi built in. So if you’re on-the-go you want to take like a really good picture, because this thing takes way better pictures than your iPhone or smart phone. It will much higher quality, higher resolution, great depth of field all of that.

So if you’re taking a video clip or a picture that you want to share to the Instagram or Facebook or YouTube whatever like immediately. The Wi-Fi capability built-in, the buttons right here on the side that will let you quickly just connect this to your phone and transfer that video clip or that image to your phone and you can post it right away.

There are also seven things of this camera that i think are like I setbacks drawbacks of using this at as a Vlogging camera that I found. Number one is that it can’t record anything longer than about 10 minutes at one time. Now once the 10 minute clip is done, you can just hit record again and keep going but because of the limitations of the file sizes can have before the four-game on the card it just kind of stops recording after around 10 minutes.

Number two, this camera is kind of big for your pocket. It doesn’t quite fit that well, I mean you can get it in there but if you’re like me, like I don’t really like having a lot of bulker or anything in my pockets and so this takes up a lot of space and it’s kind of pretty much the only thing that I can fit into my pocket because it’s kind of big.

Number three is one of the downsides to the two microphones being right on top is that they’re very susceptible to wind. If you’re outdoors and so if there’s winding definitely, getting your audio and kind of ruins it, making the clip unusable.


For that drawback is that this back screen right here is actually a touch screen and you can use it for if you’re like you want to say “hey focus on this” or if you want to quickly change some settings or something that’s really convenient but the downside when you’re vlogging, is that when you’re moving it around putting different things.

Maybe you want to put it down the screen but then you have to flip it up and point it yourself it’s really easy to touch stuff and I found a few times that settings get changed while I’m just vloggin,g pulling out of my pocket setting it down picking it up again it’s really easy to just change settings. You don’t want that happen to happen obviously you want all of your video clip so kind of look uniform, look like similar so that’s a pretty big job back.

Fifth drawback is that this record button right here is kind of in an awkward spot like to hits. If you’re pointing at yourself, you’re talking, you kind of gotta know exactly right where to feel to get it. Otherwise it’s really easy to press another button right next to it, which is like a function or  something else. You know just change the settings instead, so it would have been nice to have it may be on the top or a dedicated location with easy to get, you can get used to it but when you’re getting started that record buttons kinda kind of funky.

Six drawback and this is something I was really excited for, when i first got it is that this can also do time-lapse videos which is great for like storytelling as a storytelling technique for showing that time is past or showing that you know something was in motion or whatever the case, maybe but legitimate timelapses are actually when the camera just snaps a photo at a set intervals like 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds whatever makes sense for whatever you’re making a time-lapse up and then you stitch each of those photos together in your video editor, to last for as long as you want them, to last the kind of spaced out the time-lapse.


So this is the exact duration that you need instead what this does is it takes photos but it doesn’t keep the photos. It’s just stitches them altogether automatically into a video file which is great if you don’t want to do that work on your computer but I don’t like it because it takes a picture at the interval i set and then each it uses each frame like if it’s like 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second it will take 24 pictures and make them all like in that one second so it’s like using one photo per frame.

The seventh drawback is the price it isn’t cheap it goes about $699 dollars. So if you want to make an investment into your vlogging channel. This is definitely the camera for you, but 69 is still a lot of money right. The price is a big investment to me. Love to hear from you guys in the comments below what cameras are you using for Vlogging special when you’re on the go.


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