Choosing The Best Compact Camera for Traveling

Hey guys, Today we’re gonna be talking about the Panasonic Lumix ZS100 best compact camera for travel. Now I want to clear up a little bit of confusion. This camera has a whole bunch of different names based on where in the world. In Australia it’s called the TZ110 in Europe it’s the TZ100 and in North America it’s ZS100 so if you hear any of those different names, we’re all talking about the same camera here.

So i’m going to go through all the specific details but the main summary that we’re going to find about ZS100 is that is a very good, small compact travel camera with a very large sensor, that takes very high high quality photos with a long zoom range for the size of the censor, a viewfinder, 4k video some 4k photo options and it’s at a price point that is significantly cheaper than its closest competitors, within this kind of market category. Namely the Sony RX100, which is kind of the king of these 1 inch censor cameras which we’ll get to in a sec.

So I’m going to making a lot of comparisons between the ZS100 and the RX100. Try to show you what the differences might be, why you might want to go for one of the up. Ok so let’s talk about the features, i’ve mentioned the sensor size, that’s the main thing about this camera and what differentiates it from most other compacts. So the ZS100 has a 1 inch sized Censor inside of it.

That’s very large for a camera of this size, you can see it’s not physically much larger than most compact, but that one inch sensor is about four times the size of the sensor that we see in most compact cameras. So that means you’ll have much higher overall image quality, much better low-light performance and some a bit of a better shallow depth of field, so that the blurry out-of-focus background that most people like, because it gives a nice artistic look.

All of that is going to be much better in this camera compared to your standard compact from whatever manufacturer may be looking at. Now there are a number of other cameras, a couple of other camera that have this size sensor in this kind of form factor.

I mentioned the RX100 that’s the main one, the Canon G5X is another one, but this is what separates the ZS100 from most other compact camera is the high quality that you’re going to see from the photos, is also a 20 megapixel sensor fairly high resolution, to be able to blow the photos up to a pretty good size. Now I mentioned that this puts it in the same category the RX100 what are a couple things that might differentiate the ZS100 from the RX100.

Well first of all the Zs100 is prices significantly cheaper than the the current RX100 Mark IV, besides some pricing though feature wise the ZS100 has a 10X zoom on it, which is a much longer zoom than any other camera in this category has, for example the RX100 has just let a bit less than a 3X zoom on it. So in terms of 35 millimeter equivalent of the ZS100 has a 25 – 250 millimeter zoom the RX100 has a 24 – 70 millimeter equivalent zoom.

So way way longer zoom on the ZS100 then on the RX100 and other comparable cameras now, that means that the ZS100 is very versatile can be using a lot of different situations, you know nature, wildlife, sports, situation where you can’t necessarily be right front and center as close as you want to be to the subject. This is going to be your only way in this camera class to get that. So that’s a huge huge feature on the ZS100.

Now one thing that i will mention as you do trade off a little bit to get that zoom and as a result the lens itself, is not quite as bright as the aperture itself, is not quite as bright on the lens as it’s on like the RX100. So you trade off a little bit of the low light performance and shallow depth of field for the long resume. So you can have the way up what’s more important to you there. Ok so let’s take a look at the physical body.

You’ll see a lot of smooth surfaces straight lines very cool construction definitely, looks a little bit reminiscent of a like a camera almost and indeed the lens is designed by like as many panasonic cameras are. It’s also reminds me a little bit of the LX100 and other popular lumix camera, overall very stylish I’ve got the black one here, you can also get it in silver.

Now looking at the top of the camera we can see the the pop-up flash, we see the the general mode control data were used to seeing, zoom controls, shutter release, the movie button and we’ve also got this control dial on the back here for your thumb so that means you’ve got some manual controls over your shutter speed.

I should also mention that the front the the ring around the lens, is also a control dial so if you’re in full manual mode the back dial will control. You can set it to control shutter speed the front will control aperture, so you don’t need to change the settings. You can use in full manual and have full physical controls over those settings which is very nice in a camera of this size.

Looking at the back here we see most of the buttons are used to seeing on these types of cameras. We do have a number of customizable function buttons which is great. Panasonic always makes a point to include a lot of a function buttons that you can be assigned to whatever you want, we’ve got the screen of the back. Now i’ll know this screen is not articulating, it doesn’t flip out but it is a touchscreen which the RX100 is not. We also have a viewfinder at the top left, now some people prefer shooting with the viewfinder like myself but even if you don’t generally use the viewfinder it’s definitely useful to have.

If you’re out in the daytime and there’s bright Sun a lot of glare on the screen you’ll definitely find a viewfinder useful. It’s got a number of internal features Wi-Fi, focus peaking, panorama mode, image stabilization and the most interesting under the hood features is the 4k video. So like many other lumix cameras at panasonic has implemented 4k video onto the ZS100. It’s the first time we’ve seen it on a camera of this kind of size and and sensor sizing and so on so that’s great. It’ll shoot 4k video at 30 frames per second which is decently high.

Now it also allows us to have access to a number of 4k photo modes, panasonic has been doing a really good job with a number of their cameras in utilizing the 4k video function to also give benefits to still photos. Those do make its way into the ZS100.

That’s the ZS100 in a nutshell a small compact travel camera with a very large sensor, takes very high quality photos, it’s got a very long 10X zoom in it to make it very versatil,e has 4k video and a number of 4k photo modes, it’s got a touch screen, a viewfinder and it’s priced significantly cheaper than the the biggest competitor in this market category the Sony RX100. so if you are looking for a best compact cammera for travel with high quality images, i would definitely recommend taking a look at the panasonic ZS100.


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