GoPro HERO4 Silver Best Sports Action Camera Review

GoPro HERO4 Silver Best Sports Action Camera Review

Hey what is up guys, Welcome to my review of the GoPro HERO4 Silver action camera. So taking a look at the front of the cameras it’s HERO4 branding and then up in the top left corner you have your google green screen that displays things like battery percentage, what mode you’re in video photo and the resolution you’re shooting in and other things like that.

And then to the left of that, you have your to notification leds and under that of course you have your power mode button and you can’t forget up in the right corner you have your camera lens. This camera can shoot in a resolution of 4K at 15 or 12.5 frames per second 2.7 K at 30, 25 or 24. 1440p at 48, 30, 25 or 24. 1080p at 60, 50, 48 30, 25 or 24. 1080p Super view at 60 5048 3025 or 24 frames per second and you can check up the detail in the picture below.

GoPro HERO4 Silver Video Recording Spesification

This thing can shoot pictures and up to 12 megapixels and resolution and in the format of the JPEG. Taking a look at the back you’ll see your GoPro branding along with a notification LED in the top left corner and under that you’ll have your accessories port for stereo mic or composite AV adapters and under that on the bottom you have your screen on and off button which works really well, response time is great and of course in the middle you can’t forget your capacitive LCD touchscreen which is exclusive to the silver version of this GoPro and i can say that the brightness and the resolution and everything is perfectly good enough to get the job done.

On the top of the camera you’ll see your two microphone pinholes and the button that you press to start recording or take a picture and yet another notification LED. On the bottom of the camera you see, you guessed that another notification LED, a microphone and the battery compartment which you can slide over to the right and then pop open to release the battery. Inside this thing is a Lithium-ion 1160 milliamp hour (mAH) battery and I could say that the battery life wasn’t crazy on this thing, but it was usually able to get me through a session of shooting most of the time.

GoPro HERO4 Silver Best Sports Action Camera LED Screen

On the left of the HERo4 you see your three microphone pinholes and a little flap that you can remove. So now visible is the micro HDMI port the micro USB port and the micro SD card which you can use to expand the storage on this thing up to 64 gigabytes. and on the right side you have your settings button and also this would be a good time to notice that striped pattern that is engraved around the camera, which really gives it a nice good feeling in the hand.

Some other notable specs include that this thing weighs 2.93 ounces, making it pretty light although was a teeny-tiny bit heavier than I expected, when I picked it up for the first time. Also this thing is shockproof and waterproof, thanks to the plastic case that comes within the box and if you’re looking to buy one of these cameras it will cost you about four hundred dollars ($399.99) and also coming with this is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you’ll be able to wirelessly share your photos and videos with your phone as well as get a live feed of what the camera sees on the screen of your phone.

GoPro HERO4 Silver Best Sports Action Camera Accessories

Another thing you should know is that there are currently over 60+ official mounts and accessories to go along with your GoPro. Overall this is a great little camera that is sure to satisfy all your action shot needs although battery life and low light shooting wasn’t the best, some of the pictures and videos in broad daylight on the higher resolution settings look absolutely gorgeous and also that touch screen feature was just icing on the cake, It made using the camera just that much more enjoyable.


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