Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera Review : Pro and Cons

Hi fellas and gentlemen, today we’re going to be talking about the Nikon D3300 DSLR camera review.this is a camera that there are quite a few rumors about just before it was release, so a lot of people you know got a really good idea for this camera is going to be, like most other nikon models these days, this camera is 24 megapixels. Nikon did decide to remove the optical low-pass filter on the camera which will give you a little bit sharper results for certain things so shooting landscapes or if you want a lot of detailing portraits and things like that. The camera is going to produce a little bit sharper results by not having the optical low-pass filter.

Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera Review Flash

This is something that started with the D7100 but recently nikon has also done the same thing with the D5300, so it only makes sense that they would do the same thing on their new beginner entry level model and this camera also features nikon’s new expeed 4 image processor so we see a lot of the steel, lot of the newer capabilities because of that as well this camera faster than the D3200 and it shoots at five frames a second now, which is something that you used to have to go up to 5000 series DSLR to get. So we’ve got you know, quite a bit more speed that we’ve had in this range of came in the past. The exit port 4 processor also brings about a little bit higher ISO capability, this camera goes up to 25,600 ISO which is insane you’re not going to ever be shooting it in ISO that high.

However it is important to note that if we compare this to like the D3200 that this camera so seeds, you will see less noise and photos were shot at the same ISO, there is going to be a slight improvement there. This camera also shoots video at 60 frames a second and 1080p as well, in the past you had to drop down to 720p, if you want to shoot 60 frames a second so that’s also something very very important.

Nikon they’ve also released this camera with the new 1855 VR II lens and this lens is a lot more compact than the previous 1855. So far i really like it and it complements the much smaller size of the D3300 so for those that are looking for a very very small and compact lightweight entry level DSLR, the D3300 makes a lot of sense.  Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the camera and detail and i’ll go over more the new features.

The first thing that I noticed about the D3300 whenever I took it out of the package is it small size, we were living in a world now where basically the smartphones have started to completely replace small compact point-and-shoot cameras, so a lot of people are gonna be going to a DSLR. These days are going to be looking for better image quality than what they get out of their smartphone and of course they’re used to small compact devices so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for camera manufacturers to make their entry-level DSLR is very large, so having a camera to D3300 that’s much smaller makes a lot of sense.

Now this camera also has the 18-55 VR II lens that it comes with and this lens is a lot more compact in the previous version just like the nikon 1 series cameras. This lens has the ability to collapse whenever it’s not in use and basically just like on those 16 inches you just press the button and the contending outland extends out and it’s ready to use, so it is a kit lens of course, so I’m not expecting you know just world-changing performance out of it, but it is nice that like Nikon decided to update the lens and make it a bit smaller the process to go with.

Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera Review Display

The new smaller bodies whenever we look at the display on this camera, it is a display that’s laid out pretty much exactly like how we find the display on the D5300 and the D5200. So it have graphical representations for not only the f-stop but also the ISO and shutter speed, so for beginners this is going to be something that’s very good because it gives you a nice quick graphical representation to remind you, but all those settings do and it’s something that I love on those cameras.

So it only makes sense that Nikon put it in this one as well as I feel like it’s something that is going to help out a lot of people as i mentioned before. This camera does have a HDR mode it took me a little while to find, it it’s not like the more advanced HDR mode found on the 7100 or 5300 and some of the higher-end cameras. So the HDR mode it’s not really very advanced and it’s something that’s going to be applied more than effect but as i said before, this range of camera is basically going to start to take over what compact cameras used to be, so it makes a lot of sense to have some compact camera like features. I also notice that there is also an easy panorama mode on this camera, so basically if you’re familiar with Sony cameras, think sweep panorama it works very similar to that feature on the sony models.

The other thing that a lot of people are excited about though is the new ability to shoot video in 1080p at 60 frames a second, so if you’re going to be doing any type of action video or anything and you want to especially want to be able to slow it down, later on and being able to shoot in 60 and 65 a second going to make a big difference there and of course will be able to do, so now in the full 1080 resolution.

So that’s very good also and of course like other Nikon models in this range including the previous D3200, it also have the ability to shoot video in manual so we can change all of our cameras manual settings in that mode and of course you have the ability to be able to mainly set your audio levels also, so definitely some nice features there this camera does go up to a slightly higher ISO then the previous models did, so it basically have one stop hire you know instead of being able to go just to 12,800 we cannot go to 25,000 and so it’s one of those things as i said before, you’re not going to be shooting at that too high ISO but, we will do see a slight improvement on this camera when shooting at lower light shows.

Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera Review Feature

So if we compare say you know 800 to 800 on the D3200 will see a little bit of a difference, but do keep in mind, it’s not going to be a world-changing difference, but it always is nice to see a little bit of improvement is as the cameras go forward. all in all I would say this is a very very good camera and there’s really not anything negative to say about it. It’s basically about the same price as the D3200 whatever it was first announced.

On the side you’ve got pretty much the same things that you have D3200, you’ve got your remote Jack, you’ve got your microphone jack and then you have your analog output / USB and then the hdmi there as well. Like the DF that we looked at not long ago and the D5300, this camera does use nikon’s slightly higher capacity EN-EL14a battery. With the new battery we get about 200 shots more for charge then we did on the previous D3200 so that’s nice as nikon starts to put more emphasis on video it makes sense for them to also give us a slightly larger capacity battery also. If you guys have any questions or comments definitely write me below and don’t be shy. I’m I always read all my comments and reply them.


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