Top 3 Best Camera for Making YouTube Videos

So what is the best camera for making YouTube videos when it comes to price, performance, being user friendly. I’m going to share with you the three best options right now. So today I’m going to be sharing three of the best camera for making youtube videos when it comes to performance, price, being user-friendly and value.

Best Camera for Making YouTube Videos Canon S120

First for the best all-around budget point and shoot, i recommend the Canon S120 they’re certainly cheaper point and shoots out there, but none of them come close to the video quality delivered by the S120 and these days the standard of content is going higher the expectation of the quality of video is getting higher.

It’s not like it was three years ago, five years ago on youtube and so the S120 is a great camera that’s going to get you super solid quality at a little bit more of an affordable price, small, portable, dependable, durable and it picks up pretty good audio if you want to shoot in a good environment now one of the big things that video creators on YouTube one is a flip-out screen and it S120 does not have that flip-out screen.

So another option here the video quality is going to be not as good but it is a popular camera that will be about three hundred dollars and that’s the canon powershot N2 however there’s other cameras to look at and if you want to create more professional higher-end youtube videos, you definitely want to start getting the things that have like a mic input which it doesn’t have and some other things like that.

Best Camera for Making YouTube Videos Canon G7X

So let’s jump into the next camera, next is the best all-around point and shoot and that is the Canon G7X. This camera is used by a ton of youtubers at all different levels whether to Create Vlogs or any kind of content and the reason is is because it’s still very portable, it’s little bit bigger, it’s a little bit bulkier but it’s got that flip out screen so that’s an extreme benefit that people want especially Vloggers and the video quality and the photo quality is absolutely stunning and amazing for being in such a small camera. It’s got great Wi-Fi feature so you can use your phone as a remote or transfer content back with your phone.

It’s pretty incredible and it has been coming down in price so right now the canon G7X retails for about six hundred dollars now the alternative that a lot of youtubers love is the sony RX100 series. Basically there’s four models of the RX100 series you could check out the 2 and the 3 and that’s going to be pretty comparable it will have to flip out screen to the G7X.

Now they just came out the new one before and that’s retailing much much higher closer to like a thousand dollars but when you’re really looking for like the best point and shoot for you to its kind of head-to-head between the canon G7X and some of the Sony RX100 so you decide.

Best Camera for Making YouTube Videos Canon 70D

And then number three the best all-around DSLR and I really believe all around camera for YouTube is the Canon 70D. The Canon 70D is loved by youtubers around the world because it’s super dependable it’s got a flip-out screen the video quality looks beautiful. You now have a microphone input so you can really begin to level up and this is what i would say, if you want to be taking really, you know pretty seriously, you want your content to start standing out more than a point and shoot this is definitely the camera to jump into.

But the biggest thing that makes the Canon 70D stand out is how good its auto focus is in video movie mode and so that means the ability to potentially review products and have to focus on your face, focus on your hand and kind of move focus while shooting video which is huge for youtubers.

Flip out screen so you can compose your own shot and then auto focus with the ability to have the mic input to good audio, it’s really the best all-around content creation machine for YouTube and actually a comprehensive review of the canon 70D.

Now as far as being user-friendly and just overall easy of use, point and shoots are definitely going to be the easiest to use and you can set them up on a tripod and they’re going to kind of have less margin for error as soon as we move into kind of a DSLR there is going to be a little bit of a learning curve but i love the 70D because as a DSLR it is very user friendly and these things on YouTube.


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