Tripod for Video Camera : Amazon Basics 67-Inch Review

Hello guys welcome back and today the campers going to be reviewing tripod for video camera the 67 inch Amazon Tripod. so is this tripod any good? We’ll find out. This tripod is really heavy. I’m not sure how heavy it is but it feels like it’s about maybe ten fifteen pounds. The Amazon tripod also comes with a carrying case. It also have a zipper where you can store things.

Amazon Basics 67-Inch Tripod for Video Camera

Now let’s go ahead and if put this tall tripod for video camera in the bag It’s compact fit. The zipper feels really good. it comes in really tight. And when you lift it up it feels really secure. The quality of this looks pretty good. It has a steel frame body. and aluminum steel legs and some rubber legs and some rubber pads. you can also adjust the tripod rubber base.

it also have a level indicator to let you know that your tripod is level on the ground And boy this thing is really tall. It has an adjustable sliding plate and also you can be able to remove it by pushing the lock button. This Sliding plate you can be able to lock it by moving the lever.

You can be able to lock. Or loosen the tripod by, releasing the lever up or down. This tripod when you tilt the tripod head. The leg also spins around so. this is also part of the same attachment so when you spin it. spin the bottom piece this also spin too and ah It have an O-ring seal right on the bottom of the neck.

To help cushion it, friction and to help make it more smoother if you want to take out the tripod head all you need to do is unscrew the piece on the bottom and you can also attach your tripod head upside down if you like one thing I like about this tripod is that the sliding plate where you mount the camera on to.

Tall Tripod for Video Camera Amazon Basics 67-Inch

In order for you to lock it you have to use this knob to tighten it but when you tighten it, the piece goes all the way up to the point where it blocks the camera, the camera prevents it from tightening it. So you have to find a way to be able to screw it on to the point where you can be able to tighten it.

One thing I don’t like about this tripod is that sometimes the vertical. movement it can be very stiff at times and you might have to break it in and once you break it in it might be much easier than vertical movement on this tripod is very challenging and it takes a lot of practice and time and patience so once you master it you can be able to Get a smooth shot.

Another thing I don’t like about this tripod is that when you Loosen the tripod head to pan it left and right it seems ok but the problem is when you Tilt or when you spin it too hard it jiggle, I don’t like that and in order to solve that you have to tighten it down a little bit more but when you tighten it down a little bit more.

It restrict your left and right movement so it it’s sort of make it more harder to move it left and right and also panning this tripod left to right is very easy and sometimes when you tighten it too much when you try to move left all the way left it loosen up the tripod head and that’s not good at all, I don’t like that. You can also adjust your tripod handled by loosening up the lever and with and with that simple gear system it will give you a better grip and connection so it will prevent it from slipping.

Tripod for Video Camera Amazon Basics 67-Inch

This tripod for video camera has a really nice handle and it gives you two instead of one so just in case you want to use both hands to have a secure control over your camera movement Panning left and right or do vertical tilt that’s a good idea. Now one of the hardest part too is moving this camera vertically wow it is a very Hard and challenging thing to do and it takes time and practice to master this movement.

The quality of the legs looks really good I like how The way this thing snaps open, really easily and it comes out really fast you can also release your tripod legs by pushing the lever up and down to release it and also open up the tripod legs very easy and simple to do.

One thing I don’t like about this tripod leg is that the locking mechanism piece is made of plastic and I feel if I were to use this so many times and lock it in and out so many times I feel like it’s gonna break that’s the plastic piece that I feel is gonna break but so far so good it haven’t broke on me yet another interesting about this tripod is that you can open up the leg Really far. I don’t think this is a good traveling tripod so what i recommend you do is get a smaller one that’s much more lighter.

If you’re moving around a lot but this tripod oh man you gonna be sweating and good luck with that because this thing is really heavy an tire you down quickly So I recommend you hire somebody to carry this with you so that way he will get tired or she will get tired Overall do I like this tripod? yes I do if only this tripod was a little lighter it will be great I like this tripod quality is really great is affordable and it will get the job done.


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